A Family Guide for Children with Mental Health Needs

samhsa family guide coverYou may have come to this website because you are concerned that your child needs help getting along with others, controlling his or her behavior, or expressing emotions. Depending on your child’s needs and your family’s situation, you might look for help from schools, health clinics or hospitals, health insurance providers, community mental health centers, social service programs, and, possibly, the courts.

Working with several different providers can be confusing, even overwhelming, unless they partner with you as a team to focus on your goals, strengths, and needs. In a system of care, each family defines its own strengths, the things it wants to change, and the kinds of help and support needed to reach the family’s goals.

This website can help guide you to service providing partners in “your neck of the woods” of West Virginia.  A great place to start is to click here on the Family Guide to Systems of Care to help you figure out:

  • What you need to know
  • What questions to ask
  • What you can expect; and
  • What you can do.

If you still need to locate help, or your expectations are not being met, there are partners working with the West Virginia System of Care who can help you find answers.