Interactive Provider Directory

(Information updated as of September 2019)

Index to Levels of Care with Brief Definitions – Click Active Link (Red Text) for Description, WV Service Map & Listings:

WV Community Mental Health Centers

Community based services from a community mental health center or other provider is the first place to start when youth are in need of services.

WV Group Residential Facilities

A group residential facility is a structured 24 care setting. Is less intense therapeutically and less secure than a psychiatric residential treatment facility.

WV Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities

A Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility is a long term secure facility designed to address the clinical needs of the youth.

WV Acute Hospitalization Programs

Acute Hospitalization provides intensive, 24 hours psychiatric care, including crisis stabilization and diagnostic assessment, in a hospital setting, for 30 days or less.

Out-of-State Group Residential Providers

Out-of-State Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities