WV Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities

A Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility is a long term secure facility designed to address the clinical needs of the youth.

 Youth who are appropriate for this level of care may have the following behaviors:

  • Refusal to follow directions and conform to structure of school, home or community
  • Constant and frequently violent arguments with parents, siblings, teachers, etc.
  • Severe level of self-injurious behaviors, risk taking
  • Frequent suicidal actions or a history of multiple serious suicidal actions
  • Daily fights at home, school or community
  • Constant verbally aggressive and provocative language
  • Frequent and severe property damage
  • Frequent school suspensions and expulsions
  • High risk for sexually victimizing others
  • Probable involvement in the legal system
  • History of elopements from facilities
  • Issue may be related to the presence of a severe mental illness
  • Supervision 24 hrs. a day
  • Possible need for time out, seclusion or restraint
  • Child is not motivated for treatment.
  • Diagnosis is unknown or not clear
  • Has a mental illness that is under control and the youth no longer needs to be an acute care facility
  • Needs continued monitoring of medication to insure stabilization of symptoms is met
  • Needs of highly intensive, clinically specialized therapies from trained individuals in problem areas (Substance abuse, sex offender, abuse reactive, etc.)
  • Has failed other levels of treatment.


Service Map

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Program Information

Program/DescriptionLocationYouth DemographicsContact Information
Highland Hospital Bound For SuccessKanawha Co.Males and Females
Age 4-14
IQ 70 and up
River Park ROADS - Adolescent Co-Occuring Disorders ProgramCabell Co.Males and Females
Age 12-18
River Park-Roundtable Adolescent Sex Offender ProgramCabell Co.Males
Age 12-18
River Park-Barboursville SchoolCabell Co.Males and Females
Age 12-17
River Park - BridgesCabell Co.Males and Females
Age 7-12
IQ 70 and up